Club Penguin Isn’t Dead!


Hey there!

Hope you’re all doing mighty fine! I’ve been pretty busy these weeks, so I don’t get much time to post on this blog. Today, I’m gonna talk about something many people talk negatively about. Disney buying Club Penguin. Lemme summarize this whole fiasco for you. So basically back in 2007-08, Disney bought Club Penguin for a large sum of money. Ever since, Club Penguin has gone through drastic changes, from
one end to the other. Many people hate Disney for making these changes. But guys, look at the big picture!

Back when Disney bought Club Penguin, the company that owned Club Penguin (New Horizions) were on the edge of shutting Club Penguin down. They had no money, and they needed help fast. So Disney jumped in and saved Club Penguin from closure. If it weren’t for Disney, I don’t think I would have all of my CP friends and passion for CP.

After they had bought Club Penguin, Disney pushed CP to new limits. They tried new things, and they brought Club Penguin to the DS, Wii, and the iOS App Store. If they were to keep everything the same, just imagine how boring that would be! Why would a company buy a game just to keep it the same?! Yeah some changes are frustrating, but change is what keeps this world going. Without change, we’d still all be using a 1980 Nokia flip phone. To move forward, you need change. Whether its good or bad.

Well. There’s my opinion about Disney and Club Penguin. Yeah I miss the old CP, but if it stayed the same since 2007, that would be pretty stupid too. Don’t whine about every little thing Disney changes, cause you never know, it might be a great idea in the end.

What do you think about this whole Disney thing? Leave a comment below, I promise I’ll read and reply to them!

Over and out,


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  1. Based on comments… it very well might be (dead).

    I agree with you… CP was new … hot and happening for all of us back in 2006 or 7 etc… and I believe it is the same for those playing now. Some of which are so new to the game, we use to call those ppl “newbs” . However, if anyone has logged back on recently, omg… how the place has changed and the games as well. It isn’t the same old playground in the hood! haha My penguin hasn’t aged a bit. xd!

    I miss my flip phone! It was a tech toy! I was cool. 🙂

  2. You promised to respond…. but how long is your response window? I have a short lifespan.

    Keep up all your good works!

  3. Club Penguin lives!! Actually it is big! Did you log on of late? It has all the urban sounds. Like listening to actual street sounds. It is rather high end!

    I was making a statement to this post being dead… not club penguin.

    Club Penguin is very much a part of so many of our formative years.

    LONG LIVE ROCK and CP! 🙂

    Be well Oilersmyth

  4. More like goodbye? hahaha

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