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Happy 8th Anniversary… CP!

I made Oilersmyth on June 4, 2006. Yeah, I’ve had accounts that were made before that. But Oilersmyth… that one was gonna be my main penguin. That’s the day I decided “I want to play this game, like, for real.”
Who would have known that this virtual world would have crafted the personality I have today. Club Penguin has taught me so many things, it’s really unbelievable that a game could do so much for someone. Club Penguin taught me how to read. How to be social. How to be clever. How to think outside of the box. How to think on the spot. How to take care of a pet. How to design an igloo. How to write. How to have fun. The list can go on forever. But the number one thing that Club Penguin gave me, that nobody else could, was experience. I’ve played this game every single day, for hours on end. The parties, the missions, the games, the igloos, everything was just so well made and put together for me, I knew instantly that the people behind this game had a clear and simple goal. To create an immersive virtual world experience for kids. I would come home everyday after school, looking forward to the next big party! Heck, I’d wake up early when I knew Rockhopper

One of my first and favorite parties.

was back in town!

Simply put, Club Penguin has changed my life. In a really, positive way. Thank you, Club Penguin, for making my childhood this much better. Thank you for teaching me everything you’ve taught. Thank you for everything. I really hope you realize how much of an impact you’ve had on my life.

Happy 8th Birthday, Club Penguin  ❤